About Our Exotic Cannabis Push Line :

In a land far far away, on a path that would soon become known to many in the world, there was an enchanted dispensary that many never knew existed.

The dispensary was quite different than most. The staff was excited to share their knowledge of the plant because they had so much love for the plant. Soon, people traveled from near and far to see for themselves what so many people were talking about.

When they arrived, they were taken in by “The Exotics Pushers” and immediately felt honored by the service and hospitality in which they received.

They began to share their experience with others and soon Push Exotics quickly became the talk of the land and soon everyone had to see for themselves what made this place so special.

Push Exotics Dispensary Store Front.

Long Beach Cannabis Dispensary :

Push Exotics Dispensary is a full-service, licensed cannabis dispensary located in Long Beach, CA. We provide a premium customer shopping experience with our beautiful, contemporary retail space, caring and knowledgeable staff, and a wide selection of only the finest compliant cannabis products on the market.

We’re conveniently located at Belmont Business Center, and offer accessible on-site parking and a Royalty Rewards program to gain points towards future purchases.

Our mission is to provide our customers an inviting cannabis retail experience with excellency in customer service and product selection to make you feel like royalty.

  • Our menu includes over 30 of the top brands with new products added every day.
  • We ensure a safe and secure delivery, even the CDC would approve.
  • Fastest delivery times of any of our competitors. We average 40 minutes or less! within California.
  • We do Out of states delivery too ( *All the 50 States in USA are Included on our delivery scheduled list ) to states such as Detroit, New York, etc.
  • We also do international deliveries to countries such as UK, Canada, Australia, EU, South Africa Etc ) and its safe, guaranteed and reliable.

Long Beach Locally Owned and Operated Delivery Service :

If you’re looking for recreational THC flower that is lab-tested and delivered right to you, this is the company for you. With a commitment to excellence and a wide variety of products to choose from, you’ll find something for yourself and more.